Dues & Budget

Current HOA Annual Assessments are $150.00 per year


Collection of Dues: We ask that you please pay your bill in a timely manner. You can reference the covenant in sections B. Membership and E. Annual General Assessments. For those that have paid your bills, it is greatly appreciated. For those who have not paid their dues, you should contact the Property Management Group listed on the home page prior to late fees or attorney fees being assessed.

Budget: Many have asked the question, "What is my money going towards?" So here is a brief review of how your money is spent.

There are landscaping and mowing fees paid for eight months out of the year. This includes the front entrance to our neighborhood and all common areas. These areas consist of the land behind the first few homes on Joshua Norman and Robbie Lane that back up to the creek, the front area around the signs including the ditches, the parcel between the road and the creek as you from the 100 block to the 300 block of Conner Grant and the area around the retention pond at the corner of Adell and Conner Grant.

We are responsible for the upkeep of the wetlands and two ponds and by law must have them inspected and maintained. We have employed a pond maintenance staff to perform pond inspections and maintenance.

There is also an insurance policy (for liability) that is paid each year. Insurance is the general liability we maintain on the common areas should a claim arise from injury on our common area land and a policy for the Board of Directors. It is required by NC laws.

The Website expense is for the website you're viewing here. The expense is for the hosting fees.

We also employ a Property Management Group which is handling our day to day legal, financial, and property requirements.

Property Managed by:

Southeast Property Management

P.O. Box 12751

1916 S Glenburnie Rd. Ste. 10

New Bern, NC 28562

Hours: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Phone: (252) 672-9980

Email: southeastpm1@gmail.com


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