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Within Creekside Village, an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) of residents is responsible for the appearance of our community. Those responsibilities derive from the Covenants, which all of our residents (homeowners and renters, alike) should have received at closing. A copy of the Covenants can be found on this website, on the “Governing Documents” tab.

The general “Architectural Control and Architectural Restrictions” enactment are found in section “J”, on pages 12-13, paragraphs 1 thru 8. The specific “Restrictions on Use and Occupancy” items are found in
section “L”, on pages 14-17, paragraphs 1 thru 30.


ARC has up to 40 days to review a requestFines may be imposed on changes made without prior written approval, and some changes may require removal at the homeowner expense if approval was not received. The following is a list of items that require ARC approval (this may not cover everything, so when in doubt, check the covenants):


    * Fence (6 ft max & no chainlink allowed)

    * Building/shed (vinyl and shingles must match house)

    * Painting

    * Deck/patio

    * Building addition

    * Mailbox

    * Walkway or driveway extension

    * Satellite dish


The following supporting documentation, indicated by (X), is required at the time of submission to the Architecture Control Committee (ACC).


  Architectural Drawings/Photos Plot Plan/ placement location Material Specifications

Adjoining Lot(s) Owner(s) Non-Objections[1]



Impervious Surface Impact[2]

Additions to House/Lot (Sun rooms, outbuildings, fences, pools, decks, etc.) X X X X Completed by ACC
Changes to House (Porch enclosures, window changes, etc.) X   X    
Misc. Changes/Additions (TV dish installation, propane tank, generators, etc.) X X      
Changes to exterior colors (Vinyl siding, shutters, doors, roof, etc.)     X    


  1. May be required or a variance may be required by ACC after review of request if addition is deemed to impact on adjoining lots.
  2. Total impervious surface for the lot, as calculated by the ACC, must be less than the limit assigned to the lot in the appropriate amendment to Creekside Village Covenants.

Get started fill out and return the form below.

Creekside Village Architectural Change Request
Printable Form
CVHA ACC Request Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [98.1 KB]


More immediate things which we can all do involves having our yards nicely maintained, and keeping trash and recycling containers out of sight until pickup day then removing them promptly from curbside once emptied. For pedestrian and vehicle safety reasons, cars should be kept off the roadways, as much as possible. Keeping car doors locked and valuables out of sight will prevent their theft. Garaging cars is a sure-fire way to stop the loss of possessions. Our neighborhood is basically safe but thieves are opportunistic villains.

Association Manager:

Southeast Property Management

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Hours: By Appointment Only

Phone: (252) 242-4848

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